Case 4 - Cliff Ransley

Ex Classic & Vintage Motorcycle Racer

If you have ever suffered a tib and fib fracture and your surgeon decided to open up your knee and put a rod (or "Nail") down the bone and secure it with screws AND IT IS'NT HEALING look no further than Mr Ben Davis!

After nine months of poor mobility and great discomfort (despite removal of the screws at six months) my local surgeon, who had taken over my care from the surgeon who decided upon the method of treatment of my fractures following my motorcycle racing accident in Kent, started talking about a bone graft and a larger "Nail". The prospect of another operation on the same lines as the initial one (which was obviously not working!) filled my wife and I with dread. A decision had to be made about the way forward. I made an appointment to see my GP to ask for a second opinion. After seeing him, within a week I was given the name of Mr Ben Davis with an appointment date for an assessment (March 2011). My wife quickly looked for his web site and we were thrilled to see that he specialised in the repair of fractures that would not heal, plus he was only twenty miles away from where we live!

I was very impressed with Mr Davis and immediately felt I was going to get the very best outcome. After his assessment, things moved very quickly and I was operated on: the method of treatment decided upon was removal of the "Nail" and the fracture site held with plates and screws instead (internal fixation). His preferred option for these situations would have been an external fixator, but we agreed that in my case, internal fixation was more suitable. I couldn't have gone another six months plus on crutches as I had already been nine months on crutches! I would dearly have loved to have no metalwork inside me but I felt this was the best option for me personally. I was also aware that I was approaching 68 years of age and I believe healing takes longer.

Within a couple of weeks, mobility improved greatly and I felt confident I was soon getting my life back! A couple of months later, after two appointments and x-rays, Mr Davis discharged me. I was no longer on crutches! The fracture site, firmly secured in place, was healing at last! I am now able to ride my road bike.

Thank you so much Mr Davis.

Cliff Ransley

Ex Classic & Vintage Motorcycle Racer



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